ENG United Raptors 2023

NWGA Raptors 2023 is now ENG United Raptors 17U for the upcoming 2022 grassroots season. The team had a very successful 16U season in 2021, winning 7 of the 9 tournaments in which they competed. As a result, the team garnered local and national media attention.

JayQuan Nelson - 6'0" (PG)
Martel Hight - 6'2" (CG)
Austin Wilkerson - 6'2" (CG)
Cameron Keith - 6'3" (G/F)
Ja'Kenes Heard - 6'5" (F)
Mark Hammerton - 6'10" (C)

We are currently seeking talented, hard-working young men to fill the following roster spots for Spring 2022. (Please read the "Do You Fit" section below.)

  • Looking for (1) SHARP SHOOTER 6'3" (or taller) with great perimeter defense and elite 3-pt. shooting talent. Think Klay Thompson. 
  • Looking for (1) WING 6'5" (or taller) tough, high motor defender with 3-level scoring talent. Think Bradley Beal.
  • Looking for (2) BRUISERS  6'6" (or taller) tough floor-runners, with elite paint defense and rebounding talent. Think Draymond Green/PJ Tucker.

At ENG United, we believe that FIT is everything! Not every player and family is a great fit for every team/program. ENG United players are:

  • High character & respectful young men who keep their emotions in check & do not argue with teammates, coaches, refs, or spectators.
  • High academic students who take their schoolwork seriously; you can't be recruited with bad grades.
  • High-level competitors who give maximum effort at all times, and do not quit on themselves or the team.
  • Highly skilled, hardworking basketball players who like to win.