About Coach Shaine Freeman – Program Director


Coach Shaine Freeman

ENG Founder & Program Director

"I believe that a coach should always have his team & players' best interests at heart. I'm not here to tell athletes about the odds; my job is to help them be ready, be prepared, and be legendary both on and off the court."


  • USA Basketball & NCAA Certified Coach
  • 36 years experience as a player, coach, and skills trainer
  • Attended Bradley University
  • Earned an Architectural Engineering degree
  • As a trainer and player I've logged countless hours on the court with a host of top HS, college, and pro basketball players, including: NBA VP of Basketball Operations David Booth, 3x NBA Champion Shaun Livingston, Phoenix Suns coach Brian Randle, and Orlando Magic exec Anthony Parker to name a few.
  • When I'm not coaching, I own and operate a successful podcast production company where my clients and partners include: NBA players & sportscasters, Oscar winning film companies, major broadcast media outlets, and celebrities like Katy Perry, BJ Armstrong (3x NBA Champ & agent), Alden Ehrenreich (Star Wars Han Solo), Gary Owen (actor/comedian), and more.