ENG United Raptors 2024

Our 2024 group was the first ENG United team in spring 2021. The squad quickly garnered local and national media attention, which has led to several ENG players being invited to some of the nation's top elite camps, and now actively recruited by college coaches and programs.

Jace Freeman - 5'8"
Quintes Yarbrough - 6'0"
Jayden Hames - 6'0"
Charles Kimani - 6'2"
Quentin Rakestraw - 6'2"
Will Smith - 6'3"
Jordan Brabham - 6'3"
Gabriel Mason - 6'5"
Christian McAboy - 6'7"
Jeremias Heard - 6'9"

Our roster is full for the Spring 2022 season.  Thanks for your interest.

At ENG United, we believe that FIT is everything! Not every player and family is a great fit for every team/program. ENG United players are:

  • High character & respectful young men who keep their emotions in check & do not argue with coaches, refs, spectators, or opponents. Mental focus is a must!
  • High academic students who take their schoolwork seriously. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA or you cannot play for ENG United. We don't care how good you are on the court, if you can't focus on your books then you're wasting everyone's time.
  • High-level competitors who give maximum effort at all times, and do not quit on themselves or the team.
  • Highly skilled basketball players who work on getting better daily.