ENG United Raptors 2024

Our 2024 squad has garnered local and national media attention for their stellar on-court performances, which has led to several of them being invited to some of the nation's top elite camps, and actively recruited by college coaches.

17U/2024 ROSTER 
Jace Freeman - 5'8"
Quintes Yarbrough - 6'1"
Jayden Hames - 6'1"
Charles Kimani - 6'2"
Quentin Rakestraw - 6'3"
Skyler Williams - 6'3"
Jordan Brabham - 6'3"
Gabriel Mason - 6'5"
Christian McAboy - 6'7"
Jeremias Heard - 6'9"

At ENG United, we believe that FIT is everything! Not every player and family is a great fit for every team/program. ENG United players are:

  • High character & respectful young men who keep their emotions in check & do not argue with coaches, refs, spectators, or opponents. Mental focus is a must!
  • High academic students who take their schoolwork seriously. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA or you cannot play for ENG United. We don't care how good you are on the court, if you can't focus on your books then you're wasting everyone's time.
  • High-level competitors who give maximum effort at all times, and do not quit on themselves or the team.
  • Highly skilled basketball players who work on getting better daily.